Joëlle Marais, naturopath, energetic healing using cristals and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Naturopathy (naturopathic medecine)

Naturpathy is a non-conventionnal medicine. This health care complets classical medicine.

The aim of naturopathy is to consider the human being as a whole (holistic approach) and not as fractionned parts (body / spirit). The aim of naturopathy is before all to be a a preventive medicine , knowing that it is also used as a curing medicine (to cure issues).

As a prevention medicine, naturopathy is classified by WHO (World health Organisation) as the third world traditionnal medicine, after Chinese Traditional Medicine and ayurvedic medicine. Nowadays, WHO defines health as a « complete state of physical, mental and social well being ». Still according to WHO « naturopathy is a group of methods of natural tratments aiming at reinforcing the immune system using means that are considered natural and biological »

Naturopathy looks for the causes, the roots of the issues. Naturopathy uses differents elements to insure and maintain a perenial health (alimentation/food, physical exercice, plants, essential oils, Bach flower essences etc).

The naturopathic practionner is before all a health educator.

E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom technique)

EFT estonishes by the speed of appearing results , including on heavy emotional chocs like those carried by war veterans. This technique is part of the psycho-energetic thecniques. It enables to free emotional blocs by tapping some accupuncture points while saying the problem, until the negative emotions related to the problem to be solved disseapears.

This technique enables to solve stress issues, to manage and remove emotions related to difficult relationships at work or at home (with family members) issues related to food (nutrition), learning issues (children or adults, primary or secondary schools, university, evening classes …) what ever the subject (French, math, langages …). The person becomes autonomous in his/her treatment , he / she can use it alone at home, at shool or work, to continue the good work and increase its benefits.


Cristallotherapy (energetic healing using cristals)

Cristallothérapy is an energetic practice amining at reequilibrating vital energies. This technique enables to work of energetic bodies using cristals and bring an overall harmony while working on chinese energetic meridians. Cristallotherapy enables to reequilibrate the self-healing energies. It contributes to remove emotional perturbations, physical troubles, fatigues/tiredness and seal energetic leaks (leakages).
Using cristallotherapy, we can work on physical pains, phantom limbs, emotional griefs and sufferings. We will contribute to bringing back an energetic equilibrium.

Cristallotherapy is tought in Alsace at the European School of Cristallotherapy (EEC – Enseignement Européen de Cristallothérapie).

Frequently asked questions

I am Joëlle Marais. I am originally from Brittany, for my university studies I studied chemistry and environment. I subsequently worked for 20 years for environmental consultancies, in order to protect human health from environmental pollutions. When I was 42 years old, I decided to change my carrer and my life. I went back to school and I studied naturopathy, in order to concentrate on the protection of Human health and on health education, since a naturopath (or naturopathic practitionner) is above all a Health Educator.

I decided to study naturopathy in a school certified by OMNES, in French Jura. OMNES is the professional organisation of naturopath , created in 1981.

In apparralle I have acquired competences in cristallotherapy by following classes at EEC (Ecole Européenne de Cristallothérapie – European School of Cristallotherapoy) in Alsace. I have also taken E.F.T. classes (E.F.T. : Emotional Freedom Technique) with IFPEC in Lyon.
I am greatly interessted by neurosciences and energetics, I have therfore prepared my naturopathy thesis/essay on self-healing.

Naturopathy, EFT or cristallotherapy are accessible to everyone, at any age (babies, children, teenagers, adults).

These practices are for everyone :

  • who wants to become an actor / actress of their own health

  • who wants to become the sole decidor of their life by getting ride of their fears, limitating beliefs and increase their self-esteem and their self confidence

  • have a demanding profesional or personal life

  • suffer from stress and would like to learn how to better manager it

  • are anxious, have an agitated sleep

  • have « bad » food habits

  • do not feel well within themselves

  • have chronicle troubles (digestive, of the joints, respiratory, pains)

  • have chronicle pains (existing or phantom limbs)

  • food issues, mainly linked to industrial food (gluten, dairy product, sugar, meet etc)

  • have skin conditions

  • need help to evacuate emotional weights

  • feel out of it

  • have relation issues at work or at home

  • have learning issues (school, university etc), adults or children, with DYS issues or without

  • who are putting themselves down constantly and critise themselves negatively or feel critised by others

  • etc …

The first visit generaly lasts for 1h30 (many questions / answers musts be provided). Following visits can last 1h or 1h30.

Adultes and children of 15 and more : the cost per visit is 50€.

Children less than 14 : the cost per visit is 30€.

I am no longer located at the « espace santé » in Cuisery, I am now located in SIMANDRE, in Bresse Bourguignonne (8 km away from Tournus, 40 km north of Mâcon, 30 km south of Chalon-sur-Saône and 40 km west of Lons-le-Saunier) in Saône-et-Loire (71), Burgundy.

Address: 291 Route des Bruyères de Chatenay, 71290 SIMANDRE

(10 min away from Tournus – exit 27, toll of Tournus on motorway A6)

Naturopathic consultations / visits are not reimbursed by social security in France. Some « mutuelles » (insurance companies) offer a repayment of these visits. You must look at your contract with the comapny to identify what is reimbursed.

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